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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors:

   Brand Ambassador Tyler  Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Sophia   Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Danielle    Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Corbin   Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Sarah Jane



Do you have the mojo to be a Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador?

We’re looking for a select few of our fans that will represent the brand with all their awesomeness. We use a very complex algorithm to find the right candidates for our Brand Ambassadors... But attributes that will help you are your involvement in the community, personality, social media presence, and of course your enthusiasm for our brand.  

We appreciate all our fans that have helped spread the word of our brand.  If you’re interested in becoming a Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador we’d love to hear from you.  Send an email to for consideration and be sure to include the following:

- Age

- City of residence

- Why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador for Glory Days Apparel?

- How did you first learn about Glory Days Apparel?

- Favorite song out right now and why?

- This one is important... A picture of you in your favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt.  We want to see that you're a fan and not just looking for free stuff.

- How would you contribute to our Brand Ambassador team?

- Text your best friend, ask them to describe who you are, and tell us the answer. Better yet, copy and paste it.

- What is your favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt?

- What would you do to help spread the word about Glory Days Apparel?

- Are you willing to help us with weekend pop up events?  If so, what is your weekend availability generally?

- Interest level in doing photo shoots with Glory Days Apparel?  Scale of 0 to 1.

- Tell us a fun, funny, or interesting story about yourself.

- Instagram handle, Twitter handle, and Facebook handle