Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Ashlen

Meet Ashlen... Originally from Brookfield, Connecticut (I had to use the old elementary trick of Connect-I-Cut to remember the spelling), she has been in Charlotte, NC for 3 1/2 years.  She is a graduate of Auburn University (War Eagle!).  Perfect fit for Glory Days Apparel because I idolized Bo Jackson growing up so of course we had to get her on the team.  
Ashlen first found out about Glory Days Apparel about a year ago at Sycamore Brewing when she ran in to me and found out about the brand.  She was a fan right away.  What solidified her on Glory Days Apparel was the use of our mascot, Stella.  She's my English Bulldog and Ashlen is a huge fan of English Bulldogs.  Our Mascot shirt with Stella on it is actually Ashlen's favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt.
Currently, Ashlen is working at Belk Headquarters here in Charlotte.  As far as hobbies go, anything that involves being outside in the sunshine is on the list. She loves going to the beach, the pool, and exploring local breweries on the weekends.  One of her favorite hangouts in Charlotte is Sycamore Brewing.  Charlotte is full of incredible restaurants and It's tough to pick just one. However, her vote goes to Soul Gastrolounge. You can't beat the amazing cocktails and incredible food.  Ashlen enjoys a good local brew and her favorite is Birdsong Jalapeno Pale Ale. "I love how original it is. I've never had anything else quite like it!"
I had to try and get some embarrassing stories out of our brand ambassadors and Ashlen had one of my favorites.  I'll just quote her experience:
"I once completely face planted on a first date. I tried to step over a rope, but accidentally tripped over it while holding a full drink. The drink went everywhere and I sat on the ground laughing. Very smooth!"
We're thrilled to have Ashlen on the Glory Days Apparel team.  She has been one of our earliest supporters.  Ashlen's sweet demeanor and friendly personality have always been admirable traits of hers that have stood out since I've known her.  We're lucky to have such a positive light with our brand!