Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Astrid

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Astrid!
Yo, dis be your girl Astrid aka...little one, aka spicy jalapeño, aka mamacita, aka do good coordinator, aka GD brand ambassador!
I'm 23 years old, work for the best boss ever at Lineberger Ortho (Matteo and Meggy).  I was born and raised in Mexico and came to the 🇺🇸 USA at the age of 7.  I've been here ever since then!
During my free time you can ca$h me at the Chinese buffet, taking a nap, eating, snaking, hanging with Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassadors, working, or driving to SC to see my boyfriend (Army officer). My fav CLT places to eat are...Sunflower, 7th Street Deli, Clean Juice, or Viva Chicken.  For drinks...I'd say Sugar Creek Brewery, D9, or Red Rocks  
My fav GD shirt is hands down BAD AND BOOZY.  CLT Cat Scratch, and CLT heart are close seconds though. 
JD is DA MAN, stoked to be part of his brand and be part of this wonderful city.
Astrid, we're thrilled to have you part of the team.  You're one of the kindest "Spicey Jalapeno's" we know.