Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Brendan

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador, Brendan!
We first came across Brendan when he did a photo shoot for us in the summer of 2016.  He was hilarious and had an infectious personality.  Originally from Philadelphia, PA he's been in Charlotte for a little over 2 years.  This UCONN grad (Go Huskies) works for Burkert Fluid Control Systems as a sales person, but he's an entrepreneur at heart.  He's always looking to get involved in new business ventures.
Brendan's favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt is a toss up between the CLT Heart and the reversible Day Drinking/Day Drunk tank.  An appropriate mix given his fun nature and love for his city.
We're not sure how he does it but Brendan has a plethora of hobbies.  Here's a few he names.  "I have more hobbies than anyone I know – I love trying new things. Some hobbies include; painting watercolours, playing the bagpipes, racing in triathlons, woodworking, fly fishing, camping, traveling, and getting involved in spontaneous adventures."
When we asked him about getting his grub on in Charlotte he said, "I’m a HUGE fan of the lamb burger at Kid Cashew or the Shrimp and Grits at Tupelo Honey Café,  but if I’m looking to get some quick tasty food I’m hitting up the Shell Gas station for the best fried chicken in Charlotte."  

Next up, favorite local watering holes.  "Craft.  They always have a stellar selection of great craft beer and the atmosphere is always refreshing.  If I’m really looking to have some fun and cut up the rug, there is a 99% chance you can find me drinking a Budweiser on the dance floor at the best bar in Charlotte, The Gin Mill."

We like to ask our ambassadors for at least one good funny story to share.  We need something to give them a hard time about.  Brendan's is funny because it's not usually an idividual that does this, but rather a business or group.  On the other hand, it's an awesome way to serve his community too.  We'll let him share it...  "I became the self-proclaimed father of South End Charlotte when I adopted most of the streets in South End Charlotte area including East/West Bland Street, South Blvd, South College, Winona, Winifred, and South Church. I’m sure you’ve seen my signs around and now you can put a face behind the name ;)"  See the picture below of Breandan with his "child". 

We're pumped to have Brendan a part of the Glory Days Team.  The energy and life experiences he's able to share with everyone is a huge inspiration.  I'm always laughing or learning something new when I'm around Brendan.  
Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Brendan