Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Corbin


Glory Days Apparel - Corbin

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Corbin!

Much like myself, Corbin hails from Ohio and we even share the same alma mater in Ohio University.  He migrated to Charlotte from Columbus, Ohio.  I actually first met Corbin at a Glory Days Apparel pop up.  Through conversation we figured out we went to the same school and I even knew one of his older sisters in school.  Older sister because I'm old.  

Corbin has supported Glory Days Apparel since finding out about our brand and his favorite shirt is our Yay Sports!   Speaking of Yay Sports! he enjoys running, cooking, traveling, and hiking.  That may sound like the perfect bio for The Bachelor but sorry this guy is taken.  Corbin also enjoys backyard games like Bulzi Bucket, Kan Jam, or Cornhole and we can only assume that means with a cold one in hand. 

Roots Cafe is one of Corbin's favorite local Charlotte eateries.  He's also a big fan of hanging out at Rhino Market.  Good chance of catching him there because he sometimes goes multiple times in one day.  We always ask the question about favorite local beer to drink and he gave a multifaceted answer.  One for cold weather and one for warm (well hot because Charlotte can be a scorcher in the summer) and we commend for this.  When it's's gotta be NoDa's CAVU. When it's cold...Wooden Robot's Good Morning Vietnam.

Corbin works at at GMR Marketing.  It's "an experiential marketing agency where we create experiences that enhance the way consumers feel about brands."  We're excited to see what Corbin does to enhance our brand for all of you!