Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Danielle

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador... Danielle!
OU... Oh Yeah!  Ok, I had to start with that because Danielle is a fellow Ohio University Bobcat like myself.  However, my stories from college to her go start out like "back when I went to OU" or "X bar was there when I went to school there but I guess it's gone now".  
Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Danielle has been in Charlotte since May of 2015.  We first met Danielle at the South End Wine Fest in 2016.  We bonded over our shared alma mater.  Since the Wine Fest she has been a huge supporter and fan of Glory Days Apparel so it was a no brainer to have her on the team.  As you can see, her favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt (so far) is the Bad & Boozy tank.
Danielle is one half of the Carolina Yogis - a duo instagram account aimed at connecting yogis, showcasing progress, and holding each other accountable. We aim to be relateable for Yogis who mostly see unattainable fitness role models and we strive to help others better themselves.   They have some awesome posts so be sure to check out their account.  
When Danielle isn't posting pictures of her doing "happy baby" somewhere gnarly she likes to spend time with her pup, Winston.  Her favorite local hangout is Sycamore, and ironically, she can get her favorite local grub while there too from the Papi Queso food truck.  She may like hanging out at Sycamore but she'll venture to Wooden Robot to get her favorite local pour of Good Morning Vietnam. 
We asked Danielle to give us some dirt and this is all she would cough up for now:  "I got my wisdom teeth pulled around thanksgiving a few years back. My body couldn't handle the pain medicine, so I woke up and blacked out and ran into a wall. So for Thanksgiving I had two black eyes, a bruised nose, and two fat cheeks."
Danielle is one of the nicest people you'll meet and we really admire what she's creating with Carolina Yogi's.  We're excited for her to share her enthusiasm and spirit with all of you!