Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Devin

Meet Brand Ambassador Devin!
Devin is born, raised, and currently residing in Charlotte.  True OG reppin Glory Days Apparel.  She attended High Point University and landed back in the Queen City.
Devin keeps it simple and fun.  She enjoys keeping in shape working out, eating some of Charlotte's best eats, and hanging out with friends.  Makeup and makeup artistry is one of her passions and loves sharing it with others.  Check out her page @devinbryeartistry for tips and recommendations.  She knows what she's talking about!
Yay Sports! is one of Devin's favorite shirts/sweatshirts.  You can see her sporting it in the picture above.  Ironic, considering she loves sports and was even a cheerleader for the Charlotte Hornets.  One of her favoirte things to do with friends is to go and enjoy the Hornets games from the stands now.  We get it though... it's a fun shirt whether you're a die hard sports fan or just team tailgate.  
When she's not playing with makeup or cheering on Buzz City you might catch her at one of her favorite local hangouts, Lenny Boy Kombucha or Mama Ricotta's.  
The dirt we got on Devin was a funny story where she had to give a speech in high school.  So nervous, her voice disappeared and couldn't talk.  She was mocked being called frog/toad for a while after.  We're searching the interwebs and asking childhood friends for possible video of the incident.  Stay tuned.
Devin has been a supporter of Glory Days Apparel since discovering us on Instagram a while back.  After interacting with us for awhile we asked her to come out for a shoot.  Besides making our shirts look great she left a lasting impression on all of our team.  She made everyone have a great time and was the definition of southern kindness.  We're thrilled to have Devin a part of the Glory Day Apparel Team!