Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Heather

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Heather
Meet Brand AmbassadorHeather...Heather has lived in Charlotte for going on 8 years now.  Heather grew up in Spartanburg, SC up until high school then moved to Gastonia, NC (Gas Town).  Then, she ventured to Charlotte to attend UNCC and is a huge Niners fan as you can see from the photo above.  
Heather first found out about Glory Days Apparel when she went to Front Porch Sundays pop up near Sycamore Brewing.  When we asked her what her favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt is she stated perfectly, "I love them all but my original is probably my fav: Niners Vs All Y'all".  
Heather's dog, Coop, is more popular than her!  She runs an Instagram account for him that has over 9,000 followers!  Maybe we should've made Coop a Brand Ambassador instead (just kidding Heather...sort of).  
Heather enjoys photography in her free time and getting outdoors as much as possible with Coop. Brawley's and Lucky Dog are some favorite hangout spots in Charlotte because Coop can tag along.
When asked about her favorite food joint in Charlotte she said, "Too many to name. Currently loving Seoul Food, though, for the food and the atmosphere".  Another favorite spot you might find Heather and friends is OMB enjoying the big patio area.  However, Wooden Robot has some of her favorite local brews in town.
Heather has been shown her Niner pride with our Glory Days Apparel shirt for some time now and we appreciate her support along with her alma mater.  Another fun fact about Heather is she's getting married soon and she even had her Bridesmaids wear our Day Drinking tank on her honeymoon to Nash-Vegas.  She's been a great backer of Glory Days Apparel for a long time and we're proud to have her on the team!