Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Holly

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Holly

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Holly!

Holly hails from Greensboro, NC... well she was born in Quad Cities, IL but wasn't there long.  She's spent most of her life in Greensboro and went to school at UNCG.  This Spartan has been in Charlotte for going on 4 years now.  She's an instructor at Coreology and involved in the local Charlotte fitness scene.

For fun Holly likes to be, "sweating, sweating & more sweating. Trying new classes is definitely what I spend the most time outside of work doing."  When she's not sweating and treats herself to a cheat meal in NoDa at Benny Pennello's.  Our question is are you a one slice or two slicer?  As far as local hangouts goes she's got an answer we can appreciate when she says, "For a ratchet night out: Blind Pig every other kind of "night out" almost always starts at Craft."  Well said Holly.  Whether it's a ratchet night or normal shennanigans type of night you might catch her with her favorite local brew, Legion's Carolina Sparkle Party.

Holly first came across Glory Days Apparel when she bought her first Panther's shirt from Girl Tribe not knowing at all what Glory Days Apparel was. "I kept seeing more and more awesome shirts around that looked like mine and I started doing my research. I found Glory Days and never looked back!"  Her favorite shirt right now is our Panther Crop Top.  We've seen Holly's enthusiasm around the Charlotte scene and supporting our brand so we were thrilled when she applied and we could bring her on board.  We hope you'll find some sweat enduring activities with Holly and see how she's repping our brand!