Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Jay

Meet Brand Ambassador Jay!...
Jay gave me one word answers to all my questions.  I'm not sure if he just didn't want to type anything out or if he wanted to see what I'd come up with... or maybe both.  But Jay is a chill dude and that's one of his redeeming qualities.  
Jay has been in Charlotte for 7 years but you could say he's from here because he grew up in Monroe, NC.  Even though it's not in Charlotte, it's damn close.  He attended South Carolina State University for a couple years before heading overseas to pursue his passion with basketball.  I've seen him play first hand and you're not driving the lane on him.  He'll swat the hell out of your attempt.  
Jay recently got his ACE certification and is hoping to help others with their fitness.  Specifically, he would like to be a personal trainer to help those with diabetes achieve a healthy lifestyle with diet and fitness.  Jay himself has dealt with Type 1 Diabetes and maintained a healthy regimen so he wants to share that knowledge to support others through his training called "Diabetics in Shape".  He has started his journey by being a trainer at Charlotte's MADabolic.  
Jay is a top grill master and eats rather clean but if he's going to splurge a bit his favorite spot in Charlotte is Yafo.  Then that post workout beer is going to come from Sycamore in their Sun Grown Lager.  
Jay claims one of his most embarrassing moments was walking in to a crowded movie theater and falling in front of every and having everyone in the theater laugh at him.  
Jay and I first met at a MADabolic happy hour event last year.  We bonded over our deep appreciation for retro Jordan's and pop culture/sports nostalgia.  At the happy hour he was wearing Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey from the movie "He Got Game".  It doesn't get much more nostalgic than that.  It's no surprise that one of his favorite Glory Days Apparel shirts is Dean's Dream Team because of his fandom of UNC and the nostalgia of it.
 Since that happy hour, we've grown to be great friends.  I've learned a lot from Jay when it comes to personal growth and friendship and I'm excited to have him share his enthusiasm with the rest of Glory Days Apparel.