Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Jon Snow the Aussie

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Jon Snow

Meet Glory Days Apparel's first dog Ambassador!

You may be familiar with our mascot Stella but we couldn't make her an Ambassador.  We're animal lovers and we thought she could use other good puppy companions on our team.  Jon is trailblazing the way and literally doing so all over the Charlotte Rail Trail.  Been doing so since 2018 and spreading the good word on Glory Days Apparel.

As you can see, Jon is a big fan of our Day Drinking Dog Bandana.  You might even find him doing some day drinking at Seoul Meat Co.  He swears by their water spicket on the back patio.  

When he's not busy lapping up some quality H2O at Seoul he also enjoys getting his workout in at Club Fetch or gnawing away at some beef bones at Canine Cafe (#drool).  Other ways he fills time..."Belly rubs, burying everything, growling at the maintenance man, and Sudoku".  He crushes Soduku. 

Jon's origins begin on a cattle farm in Huron, South Dakota before making his way to the Queen City in the loving arms of his "roommates" Taylor and Bryan.  We first met Jon at Front Porch Sunday's when he got his favorite accessory from us.  He first got a glimpse of our mascot Stella at that time when he saw her on a shirt and knew he had a home with Glory Days Apparel.  Already, Jon has become a popular Charlotte social media influencer and an aspiring Barchaeologist.  He's often the star in his dad's work behind the video camera with BryGuy Films.  We're excited to see what this rail trailblazer is going to bring to Glory Days Apparel!