Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Kenty

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Kenty


Meet Brand Ambassador Kenty!

Kenty hails from right here in Charlotte!  He moved to Cali for a couple years but Charlotte kept calling and he returned earlier this year.  You can check his Charlotte resume having gone to Kennedy Middle School, South Meck HS, and UNCC (Rock Solid!).  

Kenty has really gotten in to the fitness community with the hopes of helping make Charlotte a more health conscious city.  He spends a lot of time working out and eating to get that energy back.  He loves to eat.  That begs the question, where do you like to eat in Charlotte.  Well here's his CVS list of favorite grub spots, " This is a tough one… Let’s Meat, Midnight Diner, Lee Cafe, Futo Buta, Mr. Tokyo, Ru San’s, Bojangles, 131 main, the list goes on. I LOVE to eat. If I had to choose one, it’d be Mr. Tokyo. You can’t go wrong with all you can eat sushi."  

Kenty maintains that healthy lifestyle and isn't a beer drinker.  However, he may enjoy a nice glass of Hennessy every now and then.  When he's not eating or working out he  likes to explore Charlotte and see what it has to offer since his return to the Queen City.  He enjoys venturing out on the Rail Trail or hiking Crowder's Mountain.  

Glory Days Apparel made Kenty's radar when he was on the internets looking for some good Charlotte merch and found our brand.  Once discovering us he took it upon himself to come see us at pop ups and even a workshop we were part of to learn more about our brand and our mission.  We were really impressed with his determination to create his own business and the go getter attitude he exemplified.  Here's what he has to say about his favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt:  

"My favorite shirt is the Charlotte Icons t-shirt. Being a Charlotte native, seeing Charlotte grow, evolve and expand at how it is now, it is nice to see the OG Charlotte icons and the newcomers."

We asked Kenty to tell us a funny or embarrassing story and this is what he shared:

" My friends and I went to go train at one of our favorite gyms, Barbell Brigade. I was a huge fan of the owner, Bart Kwan (haven’t met him until this moment). One of my friends was using the restroom and they had just  ran out of toilet paper with no extras… He called me over and told me the situation and I turn right around and there Bart Kwan was. I tapped on his shoulder and said, “Hey! I’m a huge fan of yours and love the gym! My friend is in the restroom and y’all ran out of toilet paper.” He gave a startled reaction, said thanks and asked a team member to grab toilet paper."

Kenty is motivated and excited to be back in Charlotte.  We're so happy he found us on the Google search machine and has become a member of our team!