Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Sarah Jane

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Sarah Jane
Sometimes we write up the Brand Ambassador Bios but Sarah Jane infused her spunk in to it already so we're not going to touch it.  Here's what she has to say...
I have lived in CLT since March 2012! Moved here with an ex (who moved back to TEXAS) because, "All my Ex's live in Texas"!  So thankful I took the leap of FAITH and pursued this city, that was 2000 miles away from all of my family/friends.  Gosh has it shaped me in so many ways and the opportunity that is here in CLT is endless.  I am a Texas Tech University Alum (Go Red Raiders) and I must say, the Carolina Colleges and Universities, are something to get used to -having to re-learn all about all of the Blue Devils, Gamecocks and Tarheels and that everyone is either from NY or Ohio- shocker (couch, cough... Um JD is from Ohio).
I found out about GDA through my best friend, who is a close friend to JD!  Glory Days had a pop-up booth at STAX Charlotte and I bought my first GDA tank! My favorite one is the heart that surrounds CLT. Also, I love the crop top BAD & BOOZY I need one in my life! 
My favorite hobbies of all things are anything that gets the heart pumping! I am a big believer in "sweat equity" and CLT is known for their fitness world.  As a GM of a studio here in CLT, I get to be involved with people and helping change lives day in and day out! Love seeing my friends and family when I get to travel and plan trips.  Sports and Live Music are also my jam, and I think CLT also caps the fulfillment of both of those topics.
I live in Southend, which is literally growing overnight.  The amount of stops you can get to by foot, scooter, bike, train, trolly, rollerblades- endless! Makes me happy if you literally think you have NOTHING to do on a Sunday, just get out side and walk the rail trail. 
I have an amazing support group here in the Queen City, loving boyfriend and my dog, Bruiser, is my best friend for 10 years now.
If you believe in connections as much as I do, I would love to meet as many people through being a Glory Days Ambassador.  You never know when that ONE person may be needed, a helping hand or your next best friend.  Day drinking, breweries are kinda of a given.. so just know I'm down for a good time when I'm not having to wake up at 4:30a for classes or work! 
Ok, JD again with Glory Days Apparel.  We're thrilled to have Sarah Jane on the team.  She is so thoughtful and caring and brings a vibrant energy to the brand.  Look for her in South End and around CLT!