Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Tyler

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Tyler
Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Tyler...
Tyler is originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL and by the looks of his arms you'd assume he wrastled (yeah we meant for that to be an "a" in "wrastled") alligators there.  We haven't had him confirm or deny it yet.  He's been in Charlotte off and on for 8 years.  When he was in that "off" period he was in Africa.  In fact, he still goes over there to do mission trips.
Tyler is pursuing a personal training career here in Charlotte called Pott's Fitness. He'll show you how to wrastle alligators but also how to conquer your fitness and nutrition goals.  When he's not helping others get lean and jacked he's out enjoying his time hiking and relaxing.  
I first met Tyler at Chopt here in Charlotte.  He commented on a shirt I was wearing (of course it was Glory Days Apparel) and I began to tell him about the brand.  From then he was interested in the brand and came to support at pop ups and wearing the clothes.  His favorite shirt Glory Days Apparel has done is our CLT Mascot shirt where we combine a Panther, Knight, and Hornet.  It's pretty gnarly.  
Tyler's favorite spot to grab a bite to eat is Futo Buto on the light rail in South End.  Then, he likes to hang out at Sycamore Brewing and it so happens that his favorite local beer is form there too.  It's the Country Side.
Tyler's embarrassing story isn't too surprising but hilarious nonetheless.  He was squatting at the gym one day and split his pants right down the middle.  We hope you had more than just a jock strap on buddy.
We're excited to have Tyler on the team because he's one of the kindest people I've come across.  He is disciplined and has a huge heart for others.  He's gone out of his way to be an incredible supporter of Glory Days Apparel and we look up to him for all he does.