Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Victoria

Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Victoria!...
Fitting for Victoria, she is originally from a town called Star.  It's dead smack in the middle of North Carolina.  She moved to Charlotte in 2009 before eventually going off to Cullowhee to attend Western Carolina University.  (How long did you pause on Cullowhee trying to say it in your head?)  She returned to Charlotte in May of 2017 to start an internship with a local law firm.  She's taken that experience and passion for the law and applied it to her first big girl job!  "I'm currently a legal assistant at a bankruptcy law firm and LOVE it. I've considered law school, but far in the future."  We think she's got the brass to influence the scales of justice and encourage her to pursue it!
Victoria recalls her initial encounter with Glory Days Apparel as such, "Firstly, I was lucky enough to meet you when I first purchased my new Moo and Brew work shirt. Secondly, I saw the CLT hat on your Instagram and purchased that back when you only had white or black. (Now you have all kinds of colors)!"  Victoria will probably end up getting another color in that same hat.  She became a fan from the time we collaborated with Moo & Brew for a shirt to celebrate the Tarheels run in the Tournament.  Victoria like to sport her sassy pants but her favorite Glory Days Apparel shirt is our Queen City Fresh.
We asked Victoria how she liked to spend her time and her response put us to sleep, "Is sleeping a hobby? Ugh, I like to hike, read, drink wine, eat, travel and sleep... repeat."  We changed subject to food to get a less snooze worthy answer and apparently she eats everything under he sun.  "I would have to say that I don't have a favorite place to eat, but I enjoy Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, basically all food. Love spicy food too!!"  
There was one thing she was adamant about... She is a huge Packers fan... a self proclaimed Cheesehead.  We assumed she was still talking about her beloved Green Bay Packers.  No doubt you'll find her sipping her favorite beer, Wooden Robot's Good Morning Vietnam, while cheering on the Packers.  She might tone it down for a visit to Rhino Market to enjoy some red wine.  She's a huge fan of red wine (cue the UB40 song).
Ahh the embarrassing story part of our profile.... We wish we could have seen this take place because knowing she's ok from it we bet it was a knee slapper.  "I fell down a flight of stairs in front of my brother's entire wedding last September. (Everyone stood up and clapped for me)"
Victoria is definitely a great addition to the Glory Days Apparel team.  She brings her sass and wit all the time.  She has the ability to get along with anyone and make everyone laugh.  Her personality is infectious and we hope you all enjoy her as much as we do!