Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Zoe

Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador - Zoe
Meet Glory Days Apparel Brand Ambassador Zoe!
Originally from the Carolina coast of Wilmington, Zoe  has lived in Charlotte for going on 6 years now.  She ventured to the Queen City to attend UNCC and get her degree in Business Management.   She realized the gem that the city is and has stuck around after graduation.  
Zoe enjoys staying fit through weightlifting but then likes to unwind by baking.  Baking is more than just a hobby for her though because she currently manages the uptown Amelie's and she aspires to own her own bakery.  She's even planning to study culinary arts abroad in Paris.  We can't wait until she's baking some scones (do you bake those Zoe?) in our shirts there and repping the brand!
We first met Zoe at a pop up when she got our Queen City Crop Top.  She was so kind and friendly when she shopped our booth so we were excited to see her apply to be a Brand Ambassador.  
Zoe needs your help finding the best local cider beer.  In the midst of her search you can find her on Fridays at Sycamore Brewing for Food Truck Friday or getting some of Charlotte's best wings from Seoul Meat Co.  She swears they're the best she's ever had.  
We like to ask our team members about a funny or embarrassing story to share and Zoe's is more of a life lesson of why you should always have a Glory Days Apparel shirt...
" Last year, maintenance knocked at the door and my boyfriend, Noah let him in to do some work in the bathroom. There was music playing in the living room, it was so loud that I didn't hear the knock or Noah yell "maintenance!". Next thing I know, a stranger is opening the bathroom door to me mid changing and totally butt naked.. after both of us screamed and quickly turned away I had to get dressed and walk past him into the living room so he could finish the job ...  yikes."
There you have it, always be sporting a Glory Days Apparel shirt because you never know what will happen.  Zoe is a welcome addition to our team.  We know she's going to bring enthusiasm and a welcoming vibe to everyone she encounters!