Glory Days Apparel Van Photo Contest!

Glory Days Apparel

Each month someone will win over $75 of Glory Days Apparel product! 

You're going to have fun doing this too...  As you may know, Glory Days Apparel has a van fully decked out with our logo.  It has been awesome seeing the content you all share when you catch us rollin around town so we wanted to support you all as well!  We want you to come up with a fun photo/video with our van and post it on social media.  Here's what you must do to be considered:

- Post a picture (or video) on your Instagram (preferred) or Facebook with the van.  Creative content is what is going to win.  It must be a post.  A story mention alone will not be accepted.  

- Tag @glorydaysapparel in the photo (or video) and somewhere in the caption use #GDAvanlife.

- At the end of the month we'll share the submissions and pick a winner.  We'll feature your winning post on our page too.  We'll contact you to collect your size and send you a custom collection of goodies picked by our team.  

- If we have a tough month of great posts to pick from we'll narrow it down and let our fans decide on Instagram through a poll.

That's it.  It's that simple to enter.  

*If you're account is private we won't see your post*

We hope you use common sense for what's acceptable behavior but we must disclose some things NOT to do.  Here's what NOT to do:

- Do NOT break in to our van

- Do NOT climb on the van

- Do NOT do anything illegal to, on, or around the van.  

- Do  NOT damage our van in anyway.  

- Do NOT alter the appearance or condition of our van in any way.

- Do NOT obstruct traffic or put yourself or us in danger while driving.  

We reserve the right to add to the "Do NOT" list at anytime.  Please use your best judgement when participating.  We're excited to see what you all come up with!  See ya out there!