Secret Menu Items

Tattoo Discount For Life!
Get a Glory Days Apparel logo or design tattooed on your body and we'll give you 20% off your purchases for life!  The tattoo must be verified in store by our staff and be at least 2 inches in size.  The design must be our crown logo or any other Glory Days Apparel design.  All you will need to do is present your tattoo at the store to receive your purchase discount. 
For the safety and respect of our staff, we ask that it's in a "safe to publicly display" location:)  If you end up getting an awesome Glory Days Apparel tattoo, be sure to contact us directly so we can share your work of body art.  We will also provide a unique discount code that will only work online for you.  
Retro Ball Card Gift Card
We sell retro ball cards in or store.  If you purchase a pack and open it in front of us and pull a player that we have a poster on the wall of, you will get a $10 gift card to use on a future purchase. 
Power Glove Discount
Come into our store with your original Nintendo Power Glove and we'll take 20% off your "Cheat Code" polo purchase.  You have to let us try it on though :)
Loox Product Review Discount
Enter your email at checkout and you'll get an email asking to review your purchase.  Be sure to leave a review and you'll get a discount code to use on a future purchase.  Larger discount if you include a photo review.
* Certain policy procedures are subject to change if we suspect foul play.*