Glory Days Apparel 2019 Recap

Glory Days Apparel - 2019 Year End Recap

A GLORY-ious Year!  

It's been an incredible 2019 and we thought we'd highligh some of our favorite moments of GLORY.  We could bring in our accountant and highlight spreadsheets and numbers because that kind of growth is important but we'd rather point out people and memories that made an impact on us and our fans.  So, without further ado...


We teamed up with the maker of the country's best hot dog to create a shirt to raise funds for his SHREDcause.  Sure he slings a mean wiener but his heart is even more impressive for what he does to give back.
Vic The Chili Man

GDA x Carolina Hurricanes 

This was our first big professional team collaboration (first of many hopefully).  We had a blast creating a shirt for the fans and it went quick.  Seeing the fans respond so well and wearing it at games is something I'll never forget.  
Hurricanes shirt

GDA x Charlotte Checkers  

We continued working with our good friends at the Charlotte Checkers to create a couple special releases for the 2019 season.  It means so much to have the Checkers family and fans embrace our brand so fondly.
Checkers shirt

GDA x Rail Trail  

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to align with Charlotte Center City Partners to help give back to our community.  We worked with them to release their 4 Rail Trail logos  (Dog Walker, Bike, Runner, and Main Logo), on a Glory Days Apparel t-shirt.  We were able to donate the profits from the sales to the maintenance and upkeep of the Rail Trail that so many of us enjoy.
Rail Trail shirts

GDA x Charlotte Pride 

We had an absolute blast working with Charlotte Pride and creating their official shirt in 2019.  Being a part of the weekend's events was so much fun and inspiring.  We're looking forward to being the official shirt in 2020 too!
CLT Pride shirt

A GLORY-ious 3 Years! 

It's been a journey with lots of highs and lows but through all that we've made some incredible friends in the Charlotte community.  We always emphasize the importance of people with our brand.  This moment meant so much to see so many people we respect and support come out to be a part of this memory.

Glory Days Apparel Moves In To Charlotte Collective 

For the first time ever our fans could come shop us and other great local brands at Charlotte Collective.  We had a great time with this new experience.  We're going to be out at the end of December but be on the lookout for a new spot to shop us in 2020 (shhhh).
Charlotte Collective

A GLORY-ious Throwback! 

Dixie's Tavern was a personal favorite of mine from my Glory Days.  This was a fun moment to work with our good friends at RockHouse Events and Rooftop 210 to create a shirt and host a reunion party for the fans.  I was amazed at the number of old bar goers that showed up and exchanged tales from back in the day.  It meant a lot for us to be a part of creating this opportunity for old friends to have this moment to share.
Dixie's shirt

A GLORY-ious Tailgate! 

We dropped one of biggest and most succesful football collections to date.  We poured a lot of time and energy in to this collection and it warms my heart to see all you fans sporting your lucky game day shirt on Sundays.
Glory Days Apparel Football

Supporting A Good Cause With The HEARTest Yard 

It's all about people and supporting our community.  We were thrilled to team up with Greg Olsen's foundation alongside other great local brands.
HEARTest Yard

GDA x Sycamore 

We got to team up with our good friends at Sycamore Brewery to help celebrate their 5 years of beers.  We've become such good friends with their team over the years and it was an honor to be a part of this milestone with them. 
Sycamore shirt

A GLORY-ious Collab! 

It was a couple years in the making like a fine boxed wine but we finally made a shirt with my good friend and photographer, Cody Hughes.  This meant a lot because he's done so much for this brand and been an even bigger influence on me as a friend.
Cody Hughes shirt


What a way to close out the year!  For me, it was a culmination of hard work over the last 3+ years.  I idolized the team and players growing up and now I got to contribute to the organization.  It was even more special being able to share the experience with our good friends and collaborators Cody Hughes and Chase Price to bring the moment to life.
Hornets shirt

Looking Ahead To A GLORY-ious 2020

These are just a few highlights from 2019 but none of this would be possible without the love and support from all of you.  We got to meet so many of you this year and seeing how you all embrace our brand means the world to me.  My goal each year is to do more that makes you proud to represent our brand and to make an impact on our community.  2020 is no different and I can't wait to see what you help us create! 
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