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2017 Absurd Wishlist

When I was a youngster, one of the best days of the year was when the Sears Christmas Catalog would show up in the mail.  I'd spend hours with my rounded tip safely scissors (shaped like Santa Claus), colored construction paper, and Elmer's glue making my wish list for Santa.  This year, I just want home goods.  How times have changed.  Glory Days Apparel loves to celebrate nostalgia.  Last year, we did a list of some of my favorite gifts as a kid.  This year, I think I'll make a list of absurd gifts I want as an adult.  Here's the 10 gifts I want Santa to bring down the chimney this year... 10)  Adult Big Wheel - How awesome...

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Homertown Hero

Our newest release has been a super fun one to work on start to finish.  Before we go in to it, if you don't know this legendary Charlotte story read it here before continuing on: All caught up?  Good.  First and foremost, we want to stress that we don't condone theft.  However, Joe's tale is part of Charlotte's history and one people are going to be telling every April for years to come.  There's no ignoring his place in this Charlotte's history.  We're going to give you a Jackass (the tv show) type warning:  Do not try this at home.  Doing something crazy isn't going to get you on a Glory Days Apparel shirt.   This shirt concept has...

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Glory Days Apparel Turns 1 Year Young!

You can thank my wonderful mother for this letter to all of you. I inherited her sensitivity and uncanny ability to assign sentimental value to just about anything. As Glory Days Apparel turns one year young this year, I’m overcome with joy seeing how our brand has grown in that time. Our first year has been one hell of a ride. We’ve made plenty of mistakes that have allowed us to learn and grow, but we’ve gotten to do some really incredible things with some really amazing people too. Unfortunately, that list is way too long so I won’t name names (you know who you are). Inevitably, I’ll leave someone off unintentionally and hurt some feelings. Having said that, I’ve...

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