Glory Days Apparel Beginnings

Glory Days Apparel Beginnings

This brand truly is a passion of mine. I moved to Charlotte in January of 2005 and I’ve been here ever since. Like many in the city, I’m not a native of Charlotte, but instantly fell in love with the charm and energy of the people here. That charm and energy, coupled with the rich history of the region is something I enjoy exploring and want to help share with others.

Previously, I worked in the corporate world for a number of years. I enjoyed the people I worked with, and it was a good company but just wasn’t my calling. I got to a point where I was tired of going through the motions and decided to pursue my dream.

I’ve always had an obsessive appreciation for a quality t-shirt. I used to scour thrift stores in my teens looking for the right fit and feel of an old vintage shirt. I paid attention to the smallest details like the length of the sleeves, what fabric it was made of, and what printing method was used.

Growing up, I can recall certain shirts I had that reminded me of summers spent at the pool, as a kid, or a weekend minivan trip to a soccer tournament with teammates. We all have those shirts that are worn, torn, and stained, but we hang on to them because they remind us of a moment in time. A moment that we don’t want to toss out with the shirt.

This brand is special to me because I want to do more than just put a simple design or logo on a shirt, I want to recreate a memory for people and do it on a quality made shirt. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process that goes in to coming up with a memory and translating that message to a shirt; I want to help others relive their glory days like I do from a good vintage shirt.

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