Glory Days Apparel Mascot

Glory Days Apparel Mascot

Why the dog? Whose dog is that? What’s the meaning of the dog?…

Glory Days Apparel gets questions like this a lot about the English Bulldog logo when we’re out doing pop-up shops and meeting fans of the Glory Days Apparel brand. The English Bulldog you see on some of our shirts and on some of branding is Stella. Stella is the owner’s, JD Harris, dog.

We actually never planned on using her for the logo or brand at all. She sits in a really goofy, yet adorable, way. She plops down on the ground and sticks her back legs out real wide and puts her front 2 legs right in front of her. For fun, we decided to take a hilarious photo we had of her sitting like that and do a black and white image. Then, since Glory Days Apparel is a clothing brand based in Charlotte, NC and uses inspiration from the Queen City we thought we’d throw a crown on her that’s very reminiscent to the famous photo of Notorious B.I.G. and paid homage to the Queen City that is Charlotte, NC.

Sure enough, Stella became a big hit. The Mascot shirts have become one of Glory Days Apparel’s best selling shirts. Stella was always pretty spoiled, but now that she has grown to be the face of the brand she is getting more demanding. Now, the “Talent” requires Fiji water in her crystal water chalice while she rests in her Glory Days Apparel lined chaise lounge dog bed.

Ok, that’s obviously not true, but we promise you Stella is being well taken care of. Since her popularity we’ve decided to incorporate her in the brand more. When we can, we alter the sitting crown dog logo to match the theme of the shirt she is going on. When Glory Days Apparel launched “The Green Mile” shirt we put her on the back neck. Instead of the crown we swapped it out for a golf visor and put a golf club underneath her. Next up, was our release of the Cocktail Cove shirts where we put her on the back neck again with a captain’s hat and sitting on a life preserver. Our most recent releases of the Crown Town and Stars CLT shirt sport her on the back neck with sparklers and a Lady Liberty crown circled in stars. Look for other variations of her coming on more new releases for Glory Days Apparel.

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