Glory Days Apparel Turns 1 Year Young!

Glory Days Apparel Turns 1 Year Young!

You can thank my wonderful mother for this letter to all of you. I inherited her sensitivity and uncanny ability to assign sentimental value to just about anything. As Glory Days Apparel turns one year young this year, I’m overcome with joy seeing how our brand has grown in that time.

Our first year has been one hell of a ride. We’ve made plenty of mistakes that have allowed us to learn and grow, but we’ve gotten to do some really incredible things with some really amazing people too. Unfortunately, that list is way too long so I won’t name names (you know who you are). Inevitably, I’ll leave someone off unintentionally and hurt some feelings. Having said that, I’ve loved working with people in the Charlotte community. Charlotte is growing (fast) but the entrepreneurial space is still in its infancy and flourishing. It’s exciting working with so many talented individuals in the entrepreneurial space and seeing the unity.

I started this brand to pursue my passion of creating a wearable conversation piece, but I’ve gotten so much more from this experience. The people I’ve met and gotten to work with throughout this journey have made this experience truly memorable. I remember the exact moment I saw one of my shirts out in public on someone who wasn’t a friend or family member. I totally geeked out and got a few photos. Thankfully, that person was a fan of the brand and was just as stoked as I was. Hearing fans recount how one of our shirts reminds them of a fond memory or brings up feelings of nostalgia is one of my favorite things. Whether it’s being pulled back in time because you were there during “The Shot” against Kentucky, at Selwyn when the guys pulled up in the stolen golf cart, or live in NoDa and love “Reppin’ Your Hood” I love living through those experiences with you.

I thoroughly enjoy our events around Charlotte. It’s my chance to meet all of you, the people who love this brand. It warms my heart to have those conversations and hear the joy and excitement that comes from you. This brand lives and breathes because of all you. I created it for you to embrace nostalgia and show your pride in Charlotte. This is your moment to cherish, too, for it wouldn’t be possible without you. Glory Days Apparel is your brand.

This is my thank you to all of you, the wonderful people who make Glory Days Apparel the brand it is. Keep reliving your Glory Days!

JD Harris

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