Glory Days Apparel:  "What To Wear Wednesdays...Or Not Wear"

Glory Days Apparel: "What To Wear Wednesdays...Or Not Wear"

What To Wear Wednesdays

Yes, those are frosted tips in that photo and Christmas themed Joe Boxer briefs. We’ll get to that soon enough…

So often Glory Days Apparel has fans asking, “These Glory Days Apparel shirts are just so amazing and wonderful!” …(We know, that’s not a question, but that part was important)…”I have so many things I can wear this with but what is the best style option?” It’s a great question, and though it’s almost impossible to go wrong, we’re here to help.

Luckily for Y’All, the founder, JD Harris, was Piqua High School’s class of 2000 Best Dressed. He uses that style genius to come up with great Glory Days Apparel designs for you to wear but he’s also here to help with your style dilemmas with those Glory Days Apparel shirts too. We might see if we can find Sarah Zechman and get her to do a guest outfit set for Glory Days Apparel. Sorry, Jackie Printz and Mike Didot, we’re not looking for runner up style choices.

On Wednesdays, Glory Days Apparel is going to do “What To Wear Wednesdays…Or Not Wear”. Glory Days Apparel will provide you with an outfit choice to go with one of our Glory Days Apparel shirts. You’ll probably quickly pick up on the Glory Days Apparel brand personality. Some will be helpful but most will be for a good laugh to get you through the hump day. Much like the above photo, we can be as serious as a Polo button up or silly like a pair of Joe Boxer’s. There’s no excuse for the frosted tips though.

Look for Glory Days Apparel's "What To Wear Wednesday...Or Not Wear" on our Instagram and FaceBook accounts. If you're not already following Glory Days Apparel then get on it! Keep Reliving those Glory Days!

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