If you've gotten Glory Days Apparel shirt in size small you'll see the word "Small" in the shirt tag.  If you've gotten a size extra large you'll see "X-Large" in the shirt tag... You get the point.   HOWEVER, if you get a medium it actually has “SCHMEDIUM” printed in the neck tag!   That's right, we actuall print "Schmedium" on our size tags.   

Don’t worry, the Schmedium still fits like a normal medium, but Glory Days Apparel decided to be a little different and have some fun. We actually have folks who need a “SMALL” or “LARGE” but want a medium just so they can have the one that says, “SCHMEDIUM”. We get it, it’s funny and awesome, but please get the size you need. Glory Days Apparel would much rather you have a shirt that fits properly for you.   

The idea to use “SCHMEDIUM” came about when my friends would give me a hard time for the way I wear my clothing. I'm a little fella and I don't like to swim in oversized shirts so I wear my clothing to fit. I suppose you could say it's a "trim fit" or "slim fit", but to me it's just wearing the proper fit.  Many of my friends would poke fun asking if I was wearing a “SMALL” or a “SCHMEDIUM”. These are the same friends that usually ask for my style advice when going out or need me to tie their tie for them before attending a wedding. 

Glory Days Apparel didn’t invent the term (we don’t think) but we’re certainly putting it to use. We love seeing the response from fans of the Glory Days Apparel brand when we tell them about the size and show them it’s actually printed in our shirt necktags. If you’re a medium, look for the label when you order one of our shirts. It’s one of the fun ways we like to be unique and connect with our fans!

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