Sears Christmas Catalog Wish List

Sears Christmas Catalog Wish List

When I was a youngster, one of the best days of the year was when the Sears Christmas Catalog would show up in the mail.  I'd spend hours with my rounded tip safely scissors, colored construction paper, and Elmer's glue making my wish list for Santa.  This year, I want a Roomba.  How times have changed.  

Glory Days Apparel loves to celebrate nostalgia so we're going to have a little fun this year for the holiday season.  2 lucky winners will get mystery packages sent to them with Glory Days Apparel shirts wrapped so you can relive those Glory Days as a kid and tear through the wrapping for your surprise.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook on instructions on how to win.  

I thought I'd share with you my top 10 Christmas wish list items form when I was a young buck....


10)  Full Cincinnati Bengals Uniform - I wanted Ickey Woods but they only made Boomer Esiason.  It was ok because he was my second favorite player behind the man who did the Ickey Shuffle

9) Sit'n Spin - I could sit and spin until I puked.  In fact, I probably did.  Good chance this toy is now outlawed for various safety reasons.  

8) Starter Jacket - You weren't cool unless you had a half zip kangaroo pouch Starter jacket.  The Charlotte Hornets one was the most coveted... Ironically, The Charlotte Hornet's Starter jacket is probably back to high demand status.  However, I was a HUGE Bo Jackson fan so I wanted an Auburn jacket.  

7) Boxes - I don't care what was on your list.  If you got a huge box that trumped all.  You'd play in that shit for hours building forts.  

6) Adidas Equipment anything - I loved playing soccer (still do).  Back then you didn't have neon space age cleats.  Your choice was black Adidas or Puma.  Anything else and you were a scrub player.  I lived for anything Adidas.  I'm sure this shirt fit for many years to come.  Might still be too baggy.  I wish it was a Glory Days Apparel Schmedium.

5) Starting Lineups - I'm waiting for the investment value of all my Starting Lineups and ball cards to kick in.  Too bad that Larry Johnson rookie card I thought would grow to $1 Trillion dollars by the time I was 30 actually went down in value.  They're still cool collectibles that decorate the Glory Days Apparel office and provide inspiration.

4) Zubaz - What an embarrassing trend, but I wish I still had them to rock from time to time.  Again, Bo Jackson fan so I went with the Raiders.

3) Goofy hat - I wanted this so bad but my mom would probably tell you I didn't wear it enough to justify it's purchase.  I was too afraid of what the kids would say at school.  Now, I'm in my thirties and I'll rock my checkered vans and neon Glory Days Apparel shirts  I'm gonna do me.

2) Battery Operated Three Wheeler - Picture me rollin!  I was so sad the day my ass got too grown and it couldn't haul my weight around anymore.

1) Bo Jackson T-Shirt - Is it any surprise that one of my biggest asks as the owner of Glory Days Apparel from the big fat jolly guy in the red suit was a t-shirt?  Anything Bo and Nike was my jam.  


There you have it.  Embarrassing Christmas photos for all to enjoy.  Happy holidays and don't hit the egg nog too hard!

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